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Have you ever imagined how is to be Justin Bieber's girlfriend? Read stories, look at pictures and IMAGINE <3
Love you all!
He cheated

Justin Bieber Imagine for Nyiah

You and Justin should go to the party, but you got sick so he goes without you. You are kinda worried but you trust him.

“I’m going babe” Justin says as he steps in the bedroom to the bed you are laying on. He looks so sexy. “Ok” you say. “If you need anything just call me and I’ll be here in a second, ok?” he says. “Ok and don’t drink too much, because you know, some things might happen” you say. “Yes ma’ am” he says and smiles. “So I’m gonna go now, I love you babe” he says and kiss your lips. He smells so good and taste of his lips is so good. “I love you too and be careful” you say. “Yeah, bye” he says walking down the stairs. He locks the door and drive away with his Ferrari.
You soon fall asleep because you are so tired.

Justin comes to the party. He starts to drink and dance. He’s already pretty drunk and he starts to dance with some girl. He doesn’t know her but he acts like she’s his girlfriend. He pushes her against the wall and starts to kiss her neck, making her moan. They make out and Justin starts to undress her. He takes off her dress, so she’s only in her underwear. He stops, realizing what he’s doing. He runs out of the club and starts to cry. He can’t believe what he has done. He cheated on you, love of his life. He sits in his car and drives home. When he comes to your’s driveway, he stays in the car for a while. He decided to come in and tell you what he has done. He comes to your’s bedroom and slowly open the door. “Babe?” he whispers with cracky voice. His eyes are puffy and red of crying. “You are already home Justin?” you sit up and turn on the light. You see Justin’s eyes and become worried. “What happened?” you say silently. “I didn’t want to babe. Things just happened and I was…” he says but he’s interrupted by you. “What happened Justin, tell me already?!” you say as your heart starts to beat faster. “I.. I cheated” he says quietly. Tears start streaming down your cheeks. You can’t believe what you just heard. “Why Justin, why? You promised me you won’t drink too much. And all our promises and when you said you love, were those lies?!” you scream while tears are streaming down your cheeks. “Nyiah, baby please, she doesn’t mean nothing to me. You are my world and I don’t wanna lose you. I’ll never forgive myself if you would leave me. I know I was stupid and I don’t know what was I thinking but please don’t leave me” he says with cracky voice. You stand up and step closer to him. “You really did hurt me Justin and I don’t know if I could forgive you” you says. “Baby please I’ll do anything not to lose you. I don’t know what would I do without you. You make me happy, Nyiah. I’ve never met a girl like you. You’re perfect to me. Please don’t leave me” he says. “I don’t know Justin, maybe we should take a break and…” “No no no, baby don’t do this to me, please” Justin says and cry like never before. It breaks your heart to see him like that. You two stand there silently, looking at each other’s eyes. You can see the pain in Justin’s eyes and that he’s really sorry. “I love you Justin” you say and hug him tight. You don’t know what came to your mind you just did it. He hugs you even tighter. “I love you too Nyiah. I’m really sorry that I hurt you” he whispers in your ear. “Let’s go to sleep now” you say and you go to bed. He wraps his arm tightly around your waist and you two fall asleep like that.

Introduce ourselves


This account just got new owners! We ( @thatbiebermccann & @with-jdb-foreverandalways ) are happy that the old owner trusted us to took over this account. We’re glad that we’re able to make imagines for you guys now.

First we do only requests and one shots. Later I ( @thatbiebermccann ) maybe continue “My Bad Boy”. 


Daisy & Rebeka 

I NEED ONE PERSON TO HELP ME WITH IMAGINES.So, if you’re interesting, send me message or ask.

Btw: All of you haters out there, who kept sending me those hate messages,don’t even try. I won’t choose you ;)

Anonymous: Are you dead??

Haha, nop, I’m still alive. I just can’t find any free time to upload. So, I made a decision:

I NEED ONE PERSON TO HELP ME WITH IMAGINES.So, if you’re interesting, send me message or ask.

Btw: All of you haters out there, who kept sending me those hate messages, don’t even try. I won’t choose you ;)

Anonymous: Please I'm unfollowing this account if you guys keep saying this bad things about Selena. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. But please be nicer. I love Selena. She is my idol. So is justin. And I'm not saying that you can't say what you think but I just thought this is an imagine justin account. Not a hate on Selena account. It just hurts. I love your acc. Without this comments. I don't care if jelena is real. They are just to great performers who have spend a lot of time tighter. So what?

Sorry if I hurt your feelings. Somebody just asked me about my opinion about Selena and I told what I think about her. I’m not a bad person. Do I have some Selena exposed blog? No, I don’t. I don’t like her, but that doesn’t mean I’m spreading the hate over her.

Anonymous: Selena can't sing though

Well, she can. But only in studio. 

memyselfandfood21: i totally agree with you, that jelena shit is useless just justin please get over her she ruins your precious heart. like i don't know why she's even famous she's like a kardashian without the sex tape. she doesnt sing good, her acting doesnt get her far, and she has a clothing line for people who are a size 0. and how she tells people to be themselves when she isn't herself. i mean she's pretty with make up on.

I totally agree! :)