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Have you ever imagined how is to be Justin Bieber's girlfriend? Read stories, look at pictures and IMAGINE <3
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I’m on vacation, so I can’t post… I have a wifi, but I have to pay for it and walk like 2 miles for it :/ I’ll try to write every part every day and than post it. I’m sorry :( love ya


Anonymous: Can u post a link for all the my bad boy chapters?

Anonymous: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's me "my bad boy 7 !! I want to scream it's so awesome LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I love you your awesome don't stop!! please ! xoxo love ya! <3

haha thanks babe! love u too 


"I’m serious. I heard he bet with Brady something about getting you in the bed." She said and I froze for a moment. "You’re lying." I said shaking my head. "He wants you to get drunk. I’m not lying smartass." She said and I put a glass down.


"Listen to me." She said grabbing my hand. She squeezed it and looked directly into my eyes. I sighed and rolled my eyes. "I don’t believe you." I whispered and walked away. "Don’t call for help when he’ll take you in the bedroom." She yelled but I kept walking outside to Justin. Before I opened the main doors, I held my hand on the hook and stopped. What if she was right? He acted suspicious and I didn’t like it at all.

I shrugged my shoulder and opened the doors. I jumped a little, cause Justin was standing in front of me. “Jesus, you scared the shit out of me.” I gasped and touched my chest. “Sorry bae.” He said and patted my back a little. “Where are you going?” I asked when he tried to get inside. “To get a drink. You don’t have any. Where have you been so long?” He asked and I fixed my hair behind my ear. 

"I was talking to…" I said and looked inside. There was Hanna standing at the counter and looking at me. "To who?" Justin asked grabbing my chin. He turned my head to him, so I was facing him. "To your friends." I said and fake smiled. "Wait me here." He said and walked inside. "Wait, Justin." I yelled and followed him. He turned around and lifted his eyebrows, waiting for me to speak. "It’s late and I really should go." I said and he quickly shook his head. "No, no. It’s only 1 am. You’re staying here whole night." He stricly said and held my hand. 

"Come, vodka’s waiting." He said and we went in the kitchen. "Justin, I really should-" "Shh." He said and closed the doors. We were alone in his big kitchen. I sat on the chair and Justin turned off the lights. "Justin, what are you doing?" I asked surprised and quite scared. I didn’t hear his answer so I stood up. "Justin." I called him, but he stayed quiet. I slowly made my way to the switch, but before I turned on the lights, Justin sneeked behind me and hugged me. 

"You scared me again." I said and Justin started to kiss my neck. "Please, don’t-" "Shh…" He said and kept sucking on my neck. "Owh Justin.." I moaned when he found my sweet spot. He turned me around and forcibly leaned me against the wall. "Jump." He said and I obeyed. He caught my legs and I wrapped them around his waist. "No, stop!" I said and he stopped. He looked in my eyes and stood still. "We shouldn’t. I have to go home." I said and tried to leave. Suddenly, Justin turned into someone else. "Nah, you’re not leaving anywhere." He whispered and pushed him away. 

"I need you tonight and you’ll be a good girl and obey me." He said and attacked my neck again. "No!" I yelled and tried to push him again. "Bae, stop doing this. I know you want me." He said and made a puppy face. "We’re friends. I can’t do this." I said and turned on the lights. "Justin looked down disappointed and sighed. "I thought you’re different. And you know, some of your friends warned me about you." I said and opened the doors. I walked out to the doors and out. 

"(Y/N) wait!" Justin yelled and ran behind me. "Just go away!" I yelled and kept walking home. "I love you!" He yelled and I stopped. I slowly turned around and saw him looking at me. "I love you." He repeated. "Bullshit." I said to myself and shook my head. "I really do (Y/N). And I’m sorry if I was a douchebag. I didn’t mean to be like that in the kitchen." He said and licked his lips. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

He tried to make his way to me, but I stopped him. “Don’t come any closer. And don’t fucking call me, because I don’t wanna see you again.” I said and walked away. “But (Y/N)-” Justin said and I raised my arm up, telling him to shut up. 



anonymusoxox: Pleeeaaaseee write chapter 7 and all the other chapters of bad boy pleasee i lovee it sooo much <333 youre amazimg <333

thank u bae ♥ I’m writing it :)


Anonymous: OH MY GLOB that's right I said glob!!!! I only use glob when I read or hear or see something EPIC like my bad boy 6!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!! I'm screaming up and down I know I type and thank a lot but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much your my hero superstar my everything everytime I feel down I pick up my laptop and read your imagines oh my gosh bad boy just made my day please don't stop your all I have left of an awesome website please continue bad boy xoxo love ya!

haha can u go off anonymous so I can talk to you on private? :D 

thatbiebermccann: I love bad boy! And ofc I loved Kidnapped by Jason McCann.

Thank youuu 

Anonymous: does It take a day for you to write does it take a hour for you to write a story wow that's awesome I love you and the note ( sigh) like a awesome ticket to Justin Bieber imagineland!!!!!! I just can't stop saying it cause it's true your awesome I love you oh my gosh if your coming to my island ( cause Aruba is an island ) I want to meet you the minute you land cause your awesome and who would not want to meet their 2 nd HERO!!!!!!!!!! 1 st of course Justin Bieber but your 2 nd runner up!!!!!!!!

haha you always make me smile :D I write it for like an hour :) you da best bae